My name is Kevin Miao, a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Computer Science Science with an extensive background in Data Science and Bioinformatics. My interests lay in the intersection of Medicine/Biology and Machine Learning/Computer Vision. Currently, I am involved at the Hong Lab at UCSF. More specifically, I am working on creating a Machine Learning algorithm that predicts whether certain cancer patients are at higher risk of being hospitalized or admitted to the E.R. after receiving outpatient chemotherapy. After this project, I hope to start a project that combines this predictive component with a computer vision component.

Additionally, I truly love teaching my favorite two classes at UC Berkeley: Data Structures (CS61BL) as well as Intro into Data Science (Data 8). The resources for these classes have been linked under the Teaching tab.

This website is currently under construction. Feel free to contact me through email ( My resume is available upon request! My apologies for the inconvenience.

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