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“Computer Science Classes and Students straight up intimidated me.”

My time at UC Berkeley has been quite an adventure so far. Currently, I am set on graduating in the spring of 2021 majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Data Science. My GPA is 3.834 as of now. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I had gotten into University of Leiden’s medical program. Instead I chose Berkeley, I was set on majoring in Biology and Latin. After my first DS class, it was astonishing to me how Data Inference and Machine Learning worked and declared Data Science as major. During senior year, I realized that it was not Data Science but Computer Science that I fell in love with. It straight up intimidated me my first years and that is why I had avoided it. But, recently I took the switch and declared CS officially, a decision that I do not regret. My current goal is to go to graduate school and then eventually end up in the industry as a Machine Learning/Software Engineer.


Access to academic projects: Projects

Technical Mathematics and Statistics Science Breadth
Currently Machine Learning (CS189) Discrete Math (CS70) Organic Chemistry (CHEM1A+3A) Science, Technology and Society (HIST182A)
Currently Computer Vision &     Computational Photography (CS294) Linear Algebra (Math 54) Biology (Bio 1A+1B) Technology and Ethics (HISTC184D)
Data Structures (CS61BL) Statistics (Stat 140) Genetics (MCB140)  
Computer Programs (CS61C) Data Inference (UGBA 96)    
Computer Architecture (CS88+47A)      
Algorithms (CS170)      
Artificial Intelligence (CS180)      
Data Science (Data 100)      


For me, teaching has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Berkeley. I have been lucky enough to be part of the course staff of the following two classes.

  • Data 8
    • 8 hour tutor and reader This is my 5th semester being part of the course staff for Data 8 and the 3rd time teaching for it. Irrespective of my long involvement, I feel like that I keep learning new things every rotation of the class.
  • CS61BL: Data Structures
    • 15 hour group tutor and reader During the summer of 2020, I have had the opportunity to be teach for Data Structures. I recall it was one class that I was not looking forward to, but this scary expectation was overblown. CS61B was my favorite class and made me think about majoring in Computer Science. It was a good experience and managed to do away with those overblown rumors about Data Structures it being scary.

Work Experience

Under construction


I am currently migrating away all of my projects to the project tab. Feel free to check out the projects below in the meantime.


  • Classification of High Risk Patients after Outpatient Chemotherapy (In Progress)
  • Object Recognition
  • Project Vejovis: Corona Forecasting
  • PayPal Employee Engagement
  • Restaurant Manager
  • MRI Alzheimers


Unfortunately, I cannot publish the source code for academic projects on the internet. If interested in learning more, please contact me.

Abbreviations: ML Machine Learning - AI Artificial Intelligence - SWE Software Engineering and Optimization

  • [ML] Handwritten Digit Classifier (CS188)
  • [AI] Reinforcement Learning (CS188)
  • [SWE] Optimization Project (CS170)
  • [SWE] GitLet (CS61BL)
  • [SWE] BearMaps (CS61BL)
  • [SWE] Mandelbrot (CS61C)
  • [ML] Uber Ride Share Data Analysis (DATA 100)
  • [ML] Spam Classifier (DATA 100)
  • [NLP] Trump Tweet Analysis (DATA 100)